Ubuntu Community Day

Ubuntu Community Day was a special event during the last day of the Simple Vue Academy STREAM Camp where families had the chance to participate in various activities and experiences. It aimed to foster a sense of unity and create a supportive community atmosphere. Families had the opportunity to recite affirmations with the students, explore the camp’s facilities, and enjoy a cookout together. Ubuntu Community Day provided a platform for families to engage with the camp community and share in the positive experiences and achievements of their children. During this time, participants suggested longer camp sessions and activities during school breaks.

STREAM Camp 2023

The Simple Vue Academy STREAM Camp 2023 was an enriching opportunity for the students of South Cobb to embark on a transformative educational journey. Our hands-on activities and workshops fostered a creative spirit in our students, allowing them to explore their imagination and artistic talents. We challenged young minds to think critically and solve real-world problems, nurturing the skills necessary for success in today’s complex world. Through collaborative projects, our students developed teamwork and communication skills, essential for both academic and personal growth. We instilled important values such as empathy, integrity, and social responsibility, empowering our students to become a positive force in their community. By the end of the camp, students not only gained knowledge and skills but also developed a passion for lifelong learning, setting them on a path to continuous growth.

Funders & Sponsors